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Maritime VSAT Services

Customers in the maritime industry are seeking an affordable broadband solution that is able to handle bandwidth-intensive advanced IP applications while at sea.

 They will benefit from Callhostgroup' 2way2sat Broadband Maritime VSAT services, offered for a flat monthly fee. The services offer customers the ability to roam the world with seamless connectivity and a robust quality of service capability that manages bandwidth efficiencies across multiple vessels.

Broadband connections provide real-time route planning and chart updates to save time and fuel. They bring engine data to onshore engineers for more efficient maintenance. They are critical to the success of the vessel operators business and the safety of the crews and vessels.

Affordable, reliable connections keep employees and crew in touch with family and friends and link to the world around them. Secure real-time connections create an extensive network of valuable data to ensure onboard and onshore operations run smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Broadband connections - even at sea – are needed today to thrive and prosper!

Callhostgroup builds these critical connections with new technology and innovative satellite products that are smaller, faster, and more reliable than older solutions. With rugged, fully stabilized antennas integrated into reliable, end-to-end solutions, atrexx is linking vessels worldwide to broadband Internet and to telecommunications services.

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